Husken Driller - Tutorials and Jams and Patches

ahhh ok!! learn something new everyday, thank you.

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“As Long As Your Mouth Is Full Of DOW Jones A C0VlD World Dont Matter”

new album i done did in VCV Rack, surprised myself…i think its good???

I Achieve Full Cylob Rip Off [IDM Decryption][Braindance Sequence 2020]

Full rip off attained using VCV Rack and a lapped top.

Grande Quant Interval Tutorial [Pure Microtonal Misery]

Grande Quant Interval Microtonal Module Tutorial


VCV Rack - Harsh Noise Tutorial

Easily make harsh noise in VCV with this tutorial.





Thank you for featuring QuantIntervals in one of your videos.

I’ve just released a new version of this module, which is now in the official Library.

With my changes it should hopefully now be much more difficult to create the misery-inducing “music” you demonstrated.


i like it alot mate!!!

Reaper [raper] DAW - Mastering Harsh Noise Masterclass [Iron Out Tuff Frequencies For The WOW]

Mastering Harsh Noise, from the Japanoise perspective. Noise made in VCV Rack

Husken Driller - Amateur Images You Can Smell And Taste [2020]

New album ‘Amateur Images You Can Smell And Taste’ available at

Husken Driller - Afterbirth Treated Better Than The Baby [2020]

Husken Driller - Small Clots

Husken Driller - Moses Not Christ

Husken Driller - Rancid Faust

Male Teat Leakage by Husken Driller

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Another vcv track from my newest musical electronic/analog instrument splurge

Tramp iii [Beet Pt 11] [RIO/Avant Garde Prog/Experimental]

The final video for the album Beet.

Brass, violins and hardcore drums clash.

Video Created in blender 2.8

Rainbow Squirts - Husken Driller

  1. Our Perfect Wedding 00:41
  2. Dads Speech 03:21
  3. A Walk Down The Aisle 03:12
  4. Watch Him Babe He Will Do Anything With A Pulse 03:11
  5. Best Man Ring Bearer 03:07
  6. St Vicar 03:07
  7. Dear Uncle Prog 03:17
  8. Mum Was So Drunk 03:14
  9. You No Pay For Chef He Cum In Cake 03:06
  10. The Days Photos Ruined By Rain 03:16

Hello Husken Driller, I have been looking at trying to create a choir style synth set up in Rack and your patch looks interesting on this link: VCV Rack - Formant (Talking) Synth From Scratch Tutorial and Jaaaaaammm [Tiny Tricks][Mind Meld] - YouTube

Would it be possible to see and use this patch as a basis for the choir synth, please could you download to here or Patch Storage? Much appreciated, I have bought your music on Bandcamp! :star_struck: :smiley:

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