Humanizing MIDI Timing

So I created this patch to add random delay to a MIDI sequence in order to humanize the timing a little bit.

It’s pretty brute force, I used sample & hold on a noise signal to randomly modulate the delay timing for each channel. You can adjust the offset knob on the first RSCL module in order to adjust the randomness. Wondering if anybody has done something similar or has any ideas to improve it.

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I think you can streamline the patch and stay entirely polyphonic by using the S&H and CVD modules from Bogaudio.

Polyphonic humanization of MIDI sequence_Alphagem-O_20240127.vcv (7.5 KB)

Time spread of humanization is controlled with the knob in PatchMaster.

For a larger time spread, change the Time Scale knob in the two CVD modules. In the example, this becomes cacophonic rather quickly, but it may be good for slower ambient sequences.


Awesome, way more efficient. I wasn’t aware that Bogaudio’s S&H had polyphonic noise generation built in, just what I was hoping for. I forgot about Patchmaster as well, makes it easier to get at the controls and eliminates the rescale modules.

Best of all, this greatly reduces my cable bill :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Glad if it is of use to you!

Playing around with the patch a little more revealed that it can also be used to strum or arpeggiate a chord progression.

In this version, time intervals from note to note can be chosen freely with the knobs on Polycon8, which may yield some unusually swung rhythmic patterns.

Not every rhythm sounds pleasant, but it’s fun to fiddle in order to find settings you like.

Chord strumming with flex timing_Alphagem-O_20240127.vcv (2.9 KB)

Nice, had fun playing around with this. I came up with this melancholy shoegazey melody:

I used this Vital preset: MultiSynth v1

Chord strumming with flex timing_Alphagem-O_20240127-09.vcv (212.8 KB)

Here’s another variation modifying the preset and adding a control knob for the sweep:

Chord strumming with flex timing_Alphagem-O_20240127-10.vcv (281.0 KB)

And the Vital preset:

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you can complicate it as long as cpu works :crazy_face: I have to admit that I spent so many hours in the last decade having fun doing things like this… now pretty much all DAWs have a “humanize” function, and in VCV Rack for this I use Marbles :broccoli: