Human-like Rhythm Generator Module

I remember seeing somewhere a module that could generate a rhythm in which there was an evolving repeating pattern. The rate of evolution was controllable as was the probability of re-using past patterns and segments. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of this module. Does anyone have any idea what I’m talking about?

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Turing Machine?

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I was going to say the same. If that is not what you are after you will likely find what you are looking for under the ‘Random’ tag.

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maybe the JW module that creates patterns?

Hmm, none of those are the one I’m thinking of. I’m starting to think I just dreamt of this module.

Maybe euclidian sequencers ?

I’m not sure it’s exactly what you described but it’s evolving after some time :slight_smile:

Maybe Marbles (Random Sampler)?
Or Valley Topograph?
Mr Chainkov?
What color was it? How big?

or maybe you came across this site sometime and it stayed in your memory ?

sounds like marbles / random sampler from audible instruments to me as well …


Southpole (currently on a 0.5.4 release but v1 is said to be in progress) has a chord generator via Riemann and a Euclidean sequencer via SNS:

There’s a pretty nifty premium module from @modlfo in the Mysteries pack that Leonardo describes here:

And here:

Resident legend @Omri_Cohen also goes through a few of the ways you can use the module here:

Hope that helps.

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ML Evolution?

Does ML Evolution really generate rhythms, though? I took this post as being about creating drum-like rhythms.

Indeed, I read the post a bit too quickly and was focused on evolving patterns.

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As already suggested here, the Turing Machine and Marbles can do a wonderful job generating a repetitive pattern and evolving it over time. Marbles has a bit more control and also has a unique feature that by turning the Dejavu knob to the right, it will not generate new random patterns, but rather use the information it already has and generate something new from it. There are many more modules and techniques you can experiment with like using Branches and modulating the probability, or by using sequential switches add controlled randomness, but I think that Marbles can get you going pretty quickly and can add more cool aspects to your patch.


Thank you all so much, it was Marbles that I was thinking of.


If it’s about rhythm - check this one: