How would I merge 2 poly signals?

So how would I merge 2 polyphonic signals?

I mean, besides the obvious: use VCV Split module to split the 2 poly signals and then merge them with a VCV Merge?

By merge, do you mean concatinate two signals together with N and M channels to make a poly signal with N + M channels?

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Besides the VCV modules you mention, I know of 2 utilities that might do what you want:

  • computerscare Boly Puttons: Accepts 2 poly signal, A and B. 16 buttons choose A or B for each of the 16 output channels. Can also output constant voltages if you don’t plug a signal into A or B.

  • stoermelder PackOne Infix: Replace individual channels of a poly input signal

Example: I have 2 sequencers with polyphonic outputs. I want to merge their CV outputs and their gate outputs. So if Sequencer A has 4 CV/Gates on and B has 4 CV/Gates, I could merge the two polyphonic CV for 8 CV outputs, and merge the two gate outputs for 8 Gates.

The 23V Poly Merge claims to be that, but it doesn’t seem to work the way I’d expect.

You could accomplish this via:

  • Sequencer A —> Computerscare Boly Puttons “A” input
  • Sequencer B —> Computerscare Toly Pools (set rotation to +4) —> Boly Puttons “B” input

Then, on Boly Puttons, depress buttons 5,6,7,8. This will send channels 4-8 of signal B, and all the rest from signal A. Another Toly Pools set to 8 channels of polyphony at the end of the chain will output an 8 channel poly signal. Otherwise, I believe the output will be 16 channels.

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The 23 Volts module seems to work actually. Did you right click it and selected the right amount of channels?

I also get strange results from the 23 Volts PolyMerge. In all of the following photos, 4-channel input mode is selected in the contextual menu:

I’m using Amalgamated Harmonics PolyProbe to look at the output from a similar patch using 23 Volts Poly Merge and alternate channels are set to zero for me. Maybe it’s time to file a bug report?

Edit: clarification

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@chaircrusher I’m not sure I get what you are trying to do?

When you say 2 sequencers with poly do you mean you want to merge them but assign one sequencer to channels 1-4 and the other to channels 5-8. So what you end up with is one poly signal channels 1-8?

The general question: how to merge two polyphonic signals into a single polyphonic signal. Obviously the merged signal can have 16 voices at most, but this seems pretty basic.

But yes I wanted exactly what you described: 2 4voice poly signals into one 8 voice signal. That 23volts module would be perfect if it wasn’t broken.

if you need to interleave (or DEinterleave channels) you can use also nysthi::interleaver

(or misuse… ) :smiley:

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That’s perfect since I’m merging a bunch of voices without caring about order.

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23 Volts PolyMerge is fixed in version 1.1.5, presently available on GitHub.

For some reason it does add +1 empty channel when using 2-channel and 4-channel inputs; for example if you add together two 4-channel cables, you get a 9 channel cable where the 9th is empty (zero) but the first 8 are correct so I don’t think it’s an issue.

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For those who are still referring to this old thread, there’s a newer solution, which is also available in Rack 2—Grande PolyMergeResplit.

It can merge up to four arbitrary polyphonic signals (as long as the total channel count doesn’t exceed 16).


multivoltimetro is a great polymerger :smiley:

here 3 different poly (4 4 4) are merged in a 12 poly