How to UNINSTALL plugins from vcvrack

Hi everyone,

I’m new to vcvrack and I’ve become very enthusiastic about it the more I explored it. However I got a bit carried away and installed way too many plugin libraries and want to remove them to work only with core modules.

I unsubscribed from all the plugins I wanted to do away. I’ve unlogged and relogged from the website and restarted vcvrack but they’re still here. What should I do to get rid of them ?

Thank you for your help.

in the rack folder is the plugins-v1 folder delete the plugins there and unsubscribe them from the library


<Rack user folder>/plugins-v1 delete any folders you want to uninstall. If you are unsubscribed from the ones deleted they will not be downloaded again until subscribed to again.

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Ok that was fast guys :slight_smile: ! Thanks a lot. Problem solved !

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hi guys, in my Rack folder i dont have a plugins subfolder… Also in trying to remove the plugins i unsubscribed from i reinstalled Rack not knowing that it will also delete my patches, which was definetly a mistake lol

Are you sure you’re in your rack user folder, rather than the rack installation folder? (And what’s your OS if you’re not sure which is which?)

Your patch files definitely weren’t deleted. If they’re missing a module, the patch will still load, with an error message.

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o yeah, found the plugin folder in the user folder… dumb of me to not realise that i was supposed to look there. However, i did uninstall Rack, and have lost my (2) patches . I m a little bit sad cause i spent most of last night on the second one though… Thanks for the fast reply !