How to sustain a piano VST?

Newbie here having a problem with sustain. I’ve got the host module with Spitfire Audio’s felt piano (which is lovely btw if you haven’t tried it). I can get it to trigger but can’t get notes to sustain. Tried a couple work arounds, all to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

I use DGate from Bogaudio.


DGate or Trigger Delay from ML is good for sustained notes. I use DGate and Wolno from Felt (freebie) on this track:


what do you use to trigger the module?

maybe you can upload a patch, to see how it can be improved.

If you’re looking for separate CV control of sustain, as though using a sustain pedal, Host has a dedicated parameter for that:

(I don’t have Felt Piano to test it with, but it works with Spitfire Labs Soft Piano.)


I found using the hold function of the reverb module Plateau from Valley very useful for sustain (there’s a CV input, I send aftertouch there when I’m using a keyboard but you can use any modulation source of course.

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I use the gate of a sequencer… in my example

Don’t understand, Sir :face_with_monocle:. Any picture for example ? Merci :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::slightly_smiling_face:

Very nice.

hi Marc,

I have made a little patch to see how it can be done with Plateau. the first mixer track is the pure sound without susatin, the second track is the sustain via the hold of Plateau, the third track is just the reverb without hold

So you can compare the different ways to sustain a sound. With the dgate you can modulate the length of the second sustain.

2020-11-05-rsmus7_sustain_test_001.vcv (64.3 KB)


It’s a small button on the side that also has cv. To be fair it’s not obvious that it’s a button. There’s also one that clears the reverb buffer on the other side.

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it’s really very interesting. I’ve worked a lot with Plateau and I didn’t know about Hold! Merci rsmus7 for all this information :slightly_smiling_face: ( translate :blush:)

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Only saw this now, but I see you already got an answer :slight_smile:

Yeah Plateau is full of surprises!

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