How to stop engine in Rack 2.x?


In Rack 1.x, it was possible to stop the engine, which was really useful to freeze waveforms on scope modules for instance.

Is it possible to achieve this in Rack 2.x?

Thank you.

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Agree !

Would be useful !

The workaround i found : CTRL/CMD A to select all modules, then CTRL/CMD E to bypass all

(you can also do CTRL/CMD E only on a scope to freeze the waveform…)

This has a freeze button built in.


Nice workaround!

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Won’t the engine stop if you just bypass the Audio out module, or deselect your sound driver?

I’m only asking because sometimes I forget to select an audio driver, and the engine won’t run untill I select one, so it might be possible to pause it.


clock, leds, vu meters will continue, and cpu will stay high this way

Oh ok. Good to know.