How to show apprecation for free modules and authors?

How do show apprecation for free modules and authors? Ok for those selling modules, we can buy something! But for free module authors, is there some kind of ‘like’ system? This is the Internet after all :smiley:

Failing that I’ll just post some lavish praise on this forum.


Some developers have a donate link in the context menu of each module.

And there are donate links in the library page of each plugin, for those who have set it. Probably more ways that i am not aware of yet.

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buying them a new macbook pro 16 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


If you and the plugin you wish to praise are both on GitHub, GitHub allows you to “star” a repository.

I mostly use it to bookmark repos I want to come back to later, bit I think a lot of people use them more similar to “likes”.


Sometimes a quick message of thanks, maybe email or pm on the forum can make a developers day.


I don’t make modules (yet) but if I did I’d be very flattered if people even used them.


I got a jazillion free modules, and for sure seeing them used in posted videos is a big deal.


That reminds me, I’ve got a phazing piece using Kitchen Sink that I haven’t got out the door yet.

I’ll be looking for it!

I recorded a video on the day Kitchen sink got out, but haven’t found the time to edit or post yet :sweat:

I’ll try to get to it soon.

To answer your question Soxsa, indeed making a little video, or tagging the devs of modules when you post something where you used their modules usually makes them pretty happy :slight_smile:

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Thanks, some good suggestions.

Not sure I can quite stretch to that at the minute :smile:

There’s a ton of work gone into these modules, it’s amazing really. These good people need some credit.

Developers’ replies are the most important here and I’m not one of them, anyway here’s what I try to do:

  • talk around about the modules themselves, but even better:
  • make good free communication about them (if you have a relevant social media audience, post when your audience is active. Choose the most appropriate link about those modules, check that it works, and include it in your post. Include a nice picture. Describe why you like the modules. Amplify the developer social media activity if they have one, etc)
  • provide useful, constructive feedback to the developers. If you report bugs, do it the right way and put some effort in it

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