How to set up one-off or random triggers

I’m doing OK with VCV rack but getting stuck on something at the moment. I’d like to do things like set up a trigger that only happens randomly say every 10 - 30 seconds or so, and the event it triggers can be something like firing off a one shot sequence/phrase…ie maybe a sequencer but only for one one loop - that kind of thing or maybe triggering an envelope. Could anyone advise how to approach this please?

(Edit. Attached an example patch.) For randomly firing an envelope you could so something like an LFO to a Bernoulli Gate to an ADSR…

Random Firing Envelope.vcv (4.1 KB)

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Thank you. This was very helpfull - I think it unlocked the blockage in my brain and now I can see ways to approach it. :slight_smile:

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I think they key was realizing a voltage going past zero acts as a trigger. For example I can set up as above but connect the Bernouli gate out to the run and reset on the Entrian Melody to fire off a phrase and stuff like that. Needs some tweaking but pretty much what I was looking for. This is going to keep me busy for hours LOL. Thanks again

The VCV Rack manual explains how plugin developers should handle triggers. That may help your understanding a bit as well. Or not! :smiley:

You could also use Janneker by NYSTHI, I think there is one for events by seconds/minutes and one for clock counts. Could be combined with Chances/Bernouli Gate for triggers sometimes every 30 seconds/64 clock counts etc.

I use marbles (random sequencer) a lot. I’m starting to think if I can use that downclocked and output the Ts to use as random triggers…I’d have some variety with the types of random patterns… Checking the link and NYSTHI modules btw. Thanks

Hmm So I think I need to use triggers to trigger a gate as most things tend to need an open gate signal.

Bogaudio DGate looks good for this.

Yep thats got it. Random trigger source (Random Sampler with/without the bernouli gate in this case) into Bogaudio DGate then into something like an ADSR. Just tested with it controlling the liquid filter Freq so it just comes in ocaissionaly and fades out. Thanks for all the help. I think I got this figured out now :slight_smile:

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