How to send MIDI out from VCV Host using Module 'MIDI Over Audio'

Is the VST available anywhere? I’d like to test it…

The VSTs (VST2 and VST3) for Windows can be found at Ahornberg-VCV-Modules/res/vst at master · Ahornberg/Ahornberg-VCV-Modules · GitHub


Amazing, seems to work great :+1:

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Now it’s here!


I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t currently got a github account, but I had to adjust the path to

to access your plugin .dll and .vst3 files

You find it in the plugins folder on your local file system.

I know where the plugin needs to go, I was saying the path you linked to from which to download the dll and vst3 files in your github repository was giving me a 404 error, but I found them by navigating through the github folder structure.

Thanks a lot! I moved the files after posting the link here. I corrected the link above.


Thanks for making this, it will definitely be useful. And the tutorial video is great and super helpful. I am curious though, my system is saying the vsts aren’t 64bit. Is this the case or am I missing something

You need a VST that can host other VSTs like Carla

alternatively you can use the MUX VST

Thanks. I’ll give those a try. I was actually trying it Using the VST host in Voltage Modular running in Host. Should have worked but who knows, one modular environment running in another could make heads explode:)

the VSTs are 64bit and Windows only

Is this working with all type of vst midi arps or sequencers? Didn’t have any luck with some two seq\arps :frowning:

Which arps/seqs do not work?

and RandArp from here

Basically no signals are coming from neither output

please open an issue at Issues · Ahornberg/Ahornberg-VCV-Modules · GitHub

I got both VSTs to work in KV_Elements. I got RandARP to work in MUX and in Carla VST. Carla VST crashed on trying Stochas (Carla isn’t that stable on Windows).