How to route audio from Pure Data to VCV Rack?

I’ve written a lot of Pure Data code to generate microtonal audio. I’d like to route the audio into VCV Rack to add effects to it. Is there a way to do this? I can’t use MIDI since I’m using a scale that has 19 notes per octave that isn’t mapped by MIDI.

Routing Audio on a computer depends on the operating system and installed audio stack. You haven’t mentioned what OS you’re on.

There are ways to do microtonality over midi using pitch bend (e.g. MPE). There are also schemes based on tuning profiles, but I don’t know how widely supported these are, and I don’t know if there are any Rack modules that recognize tuning profiles.

I’m on Windows 11.

Windows doesn’t have audio routing at the system level. On Mac people use BlackHole.

I’ve heard murmurings that this could be changing for Windows, Similar to the major improvements coming to MIDI, which is in beta test.

I don’t know if there are 3rd party options for Windows.

Doesn’t Prototype (which IIRC is build it yourself) support PureData?

there are many, I know somebody uses “voicemeeter banana”. I prefer doing everything inside Reaper

I personnaly use Jack audio to route audio between VCV and Bitwig wich can offer up to 64 channels.


I’ve used something called Virtual Audio Cable to record sound from Pd into Audacity on Windows OS:

A better solution IMO is to use the PlugData VST, although you need the Host-FX module in VCV, which you have to purchase (I think it’s something like 15$).

I’d recommend Host-FX purely to run other great free plugins like Supermassive and modulate parameters with VCV modules, which is awesome!