How to report errors to the user?

I’ve been trying my hand at making some modules of my own, and I’ve been running into a wall regarding one thing: How should reporting errors to the user be handled?
The module I’m currently making has the option for the user to load samples, but I’ve found no way to report a load error to the user if one happens. I’ve tried looking in other modules, but all the ones I’ve managed to find so far seem to not report errors to the user, and I couldn’t find anything about this here in the forums either.
Is that expected and something I should do too? Or did I just not look hard enough?

paramQuantities[ANY_PARAM]->description = "Dude! No sample here!";

OK, this is not Eurorack compatible and clearly not a too professional solution. But it works for some… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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In an error state set an atomic flag on your module and store the message in an appropriately managed member variable then in your module widget step see if that atomic is true and render the message. That’s the approach I’ve taken and seen other modules like the squinky sfz player take.

To the best of my knowledge there is no general way to do this in the rack api


Oh and log the message with rack log api of course but that’s pretty late in the user exploration journey. That’s more to help you when a user hits an error

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And when he says “render the message” that typically means drawing to somewhere on your panel. AFAIK there is no easy way to put up a pop up alert.

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