how to record/replay a midi knob?

I have a vcv dillema… how do I do this:

I want to record live a knob/slider from a controller (faderfox uc4) and after I’m done - I want that cv string to drive a knob/slider in vcvrack! and I want to be able to make this live- not offline… and with few moves possible… to be suitable for live…

like: i wobble a fader for a while and when I stop, that movement recorder will drive a cutoff knob lets say…

any ideas !?


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MIDI CC->CV, then you can record CV in any “audio” looper. I have used Simpliciter like that a lot, and it is good ! Then you can slow it or make it go faster, add layers, etc.

One think I liked was using the movement detector (Slope) to start and stop the recording.


TanaBarbier: thanks big time! it works. one q: what slope module did you use!? too many in vcv… and maybe you can be so kind and provide a very simple example, the 1st part works great but the slope (auto rec/play) doesn’t work quite well here.

Slope detector by Count Modula !


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yep - I try that with out from its “moving” port to REC gate in Simpliciter. problem is that it needs an extra logic module inbtwn I feel… because the REC led strobes…( so it records only some movements) maybe an envelope or a slew…!?

Mmmmh, yes indeed it kind of works sometimes but then sometimes not. The movement detector sometimes has false positives, which turns the recording or on off… This kind of worked most of the time though :

Auto-rec Simpli.vcvs (24.6 KB)

Various slews (falling only) and some logic, and one more comparator, and a gate to trigger.

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I have only read this superficially, but could the Stoermelder ReMove module help?

I have often used this to record and play back different signals.