How to record audio and video from Rack, what format to use, where to upload it and how to share it in this forum

Hello fellow racketeers.I finally am getting OBS to cooperate.(all new to me) I am wondering what format is best to upload on the web.Have a YT chnl now… Also.How does one create the audio files I see posted without video.Tanks in adv.So looking foward to posting my creations!

Use one of the Nysthi recorders.

Can also record over loopback with Audacity, REAPER or similar.

Sorry, but I am completely starting from ground zero on my new hobby.Never beeen round a studio.Never attempted to create “music” I understand less than 20% of what I read in the forums.It’s a new lanuage to me.just a learning curve I need to get through.I do not want to impose on the Community for nursing a person like myself through this.I had found nothing in my net searches to be able to upload my vcv patches.Knowing nothing I ran a patch with the stereo recorder.Now I guess it needs to be connected to a DAW .If ya can, point me in the right direction.(web site/forum link I may had missed) VCV rack is the first instrument to give me a way to express my musical talents. So, please bear with me. I will learn what I need to know overtime.My passion to produce will not allow me to e detured! hehe. thanks all… Michael

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Some people are using Patch Storage, and you can also upload the .vcv files directly to the forum.


Welcome Michael and don’t be deterred by the great amount that can be learned. We’re all learning in here, believe me :slight_smile:

You don’t need a DAW, all you need to create music is the Rack software. You can record it to .wav files with the NYSTHI recorders, and the file is put in your Documents/Rack/ folder.

I’ve created this for people like you:


OK got “record” figured out.Started to upload songs and can’t upload .wav files to this forum.Sigh.

EDIT: Ok I figured things out.(New to forums too, and uploading stuff) Files are saved to a storage site.I post the link here. This forum server doesn’t “store” the data here.would need way too much storage space. I just am hesitant registering to site on the WWW.Looks like I must.Would not have created a YT account if there was an alternative.

With a wav file you could try uploading to Soundcloud, then just upload the Soundcloud link here on the forum.

to all porpoises mpg4 - h264 codec, AC3 or mp3 the audio container (192 or more bitrate)

Personally, I will convert video to MP4 format using a video cutter editor that I got for free when I upload it to the web.

Michael’s questions (welcome!) are a good chance for everybody to share our best practices on the subject.

Links to external guides are great, but it also makes sense to collect the most important tips and practices here on our forum.

There’s a lot to say about file formats, resolution, bitrates, hosting platforms…

Here’s a good free tool for converting videos:


I did struggle like you. Main issue was I’m on MAC and was not used to tools to upload to YT. On Windows, so many freeware available.

I record audio + video via RECORDER, I convert it for YT via a software then upload to YT and share the link in the forum. Patch is uploaded to the forum (small size).

I just came to know I can save time on MAC by using quicktime and record VCV windows… we are all learners ahaha

I also tried DaVinci Resolved (free) like Movie maker tool.

have fun

Same. I record in whatever vcv recorder supports, then I convert it to a format that will play natively on my windows computer, usually mp4. If you really want to optimize for the different services (youtube, instagram, FB, etc) then you really need to read the documentation from those places. Or use some software that has presets for all these service. But generally a “high def” video format in mp4 can go to any of the services, they all re-transcode anyway. Some video editors will upload them for you, but I don’t want to give some software access to my social accounts.

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On a macbook, I use NYSTHI recorder with Quick Time screen recording - DaVinci Resolve to sync and clean it up - Output the default format - upload to youtube and share the link.