How to re-scale the range of a S&H output to vary a clock BPM


I’m a beginner with VCV Rack and I suppose that my problem is simple but I didn’t find the solution yet.

I’m using a white noise as input of a S&H (I’m using the BGA one) and want to vary the BPM of a clock (I’m using the Impromptu “Clocked”). My problem is that the BPM goes too low and too high (from around 30 to 300…). What I would like to do is to re-scale the output of the S&H to a narrower range.

How can I do that ? I suppose there are modules that can create a random clock, but I’m sure it can be done with my noise/S&H/clocked setup.

Does anybody knows how to do that ?

Put the noise through a VCA

You need an attenuator which limits the range of a CV signal. There are many in Rack but Bogaudio Offset is a good one as it gives you the ability to both attenuate the range (Scale) of the signal and also Offset it (move that range around).

Also note that if you right click on the Bogaudio S&H module, you can set the range it outputs there - by default it is 0-10V, but you can make it 0-3V or +/-5V or whatever - not as much control as using the Offset module but it might get you in the ballpark.

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Thanks for your answer ! I’ll try it. In the mean time I found another way (maybe not as efficient as yours) : between the noise generator and the S&H I added 2x VCV Filter in cascade, the noise goes into the first one that goes into the second one, one output is LPF the other one is HPF (I didn’t find a band pass filter) , and the the second one’s output goes into the input of the S&H. I will compare the two solutions. Thanks again.

Well it’s modular - so whatever works haha! :slight_smile:

But attenuating and offsetting CV is a core concept that it’s worth getting familiar with.

Also you don’t need the white noise source for the Bogaudio S&H - as with most S&Hs, if there is no signal at the input, then white noise is normalised to it by default.

This will do what you’re after - adjust Offset and Scale to get the range you want.

There’s lots of filters with band pass - Vult Tangents is a good one as is Audible Instruments Liquid Filter (Ripples)

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