How to properly export from Affinity Designer to SVG

I’m currently trying the Affinity Designer demo, but I cannot get it to export a SVG file that VCV will interpret correctly. It doesn’t scale to the right dimensions, and when I see the exported source, I see it exports to .px not .mm … Does anyone knows the correct export settings ?

I use Affinity Designer for my modules and I work completely in pixels. I haven’t tried exporting in mm.

I must add that I don’t use the python script for creating the widget code.

I used to setup my document in inkscape with 128,5mm height and HP x 5.08mm for the width, but that’s maybe where it’s glitching in AD.

How do you setup your dimensions then for VCV to interpret them correctly ?

You can check it, the files are in my GitHub repo. Width is 15px per HP.


Thanks, setting dimensions in pixels did it. Not sure what’s going on but at least, it’s working now :slight_smile:

Bumping to say thanks. I switched to Affinity a few months ago after Adobe raised my rates. I’m working on updating my panels.