How to obtain polyphony with MIDI CV?


In module MIDI CV,i use externa midi keyboard.


It works but only one note at a time can be played !

Polyphony doesn’t work !

How to solve that?


Maybe take a look at the context menu. There’s an item ‘Polyphonic channels’ that can be set from 1 to 16 :sunglasses:

If I select in context menu>Polyphony channels>:

a)2 channels :Does it mean than you can play 2 notes at the same time and not more?

b)3 channels :Does it mean than you can play 3 notes at the same time and not more?

c)x channels :Does it mean than you can play x notes at the same time and not more?

Yes, sir! What else could it mean? :thinking:

Maybe try it out to proof the results. :sunglasses:

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To be fair, that method does not always tell you how something actually works.

Empirical evidence and conclusion: “When I move this switch down, the lights start flashing and a siren sounds. Therefore it is a light and siren control switch”

Actual situation: “That switch turns off the water pumps for the reactor core, and the SCRAM alarm has been activated.” :open_mouth:

So, the first conclusion is somewhat valid, but . . .

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Yes, you’re right. The first steps should be: Read the manual and watch tutorial videos …

I assume that someone did these steps before posting questions here but in this particular case I’m not sure.

On the other hand, I strongly encourage others to try things out, especially on using music software because the risk of damaging is very low (turn the volume of your speakers down is a good advice to protect yourself and others from pain and hear loss). I would not recommend trial-and-error on getting comfortable with a car or a drilling machine or even a sharp knife. :wink:

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haha - we still have not determined yes if this poster is a troll. All we have seen is the everyone leaves the interaction dissatisfied :wink: