How to make Berlin School in VCV Rack (Modular ambient tutorial)

Today I will show you how creating Berlin School Ambient patch in VCV Rack. At the beginning of the video I will demonstrate the modules that I use in this video and then the process of patching will begin. I hope it will be fun and useful for you!

THANKS a lot Artem!!! …
I’ve been looking for a tutorial like this a long, long time ago! :heart_eyes:
I’m really happy for this gift! :blush:

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thanks Josep, you are welcome!

Modules listed:

  • Vult Bleak (closed source)
  • Vult Lateralus (paid, closed source)
  • Impromptu Clocked (FOSS)
  • Mental Clock Divider (FOSS)
  • Fundamental SEQ-3 (FOSS)
  • Aepelzens Erwin (found here; not plugin manager, FOSS)
  • AS QuadVCA (FOSS)
  • MSM ADSR (closed-source)
  • mscHack Mixer (FOSS)
  • NYSTHI NYECHO (closed-source)
  • Valley Plateau (FOSS)
  • NYSTHI Master Recorder (closed-source)

Looks like the TD-202 vertical texts from Submarine as well.

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Thanks! I suppose I should add such list to the next videos’ descriptions.

I don’t see any need to state whether they are open or closed source Artem.

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