How to make a scale by sampling a signal ?

Modular Scales

I would like to , for example, have 216hz as my root frequency and then, with a .1 hz lfo, bring that root frequency up and down -exactly- by an octave (or any other -tunable- range) to then divide that .1hz into, lets say 12 , .0083 hz, to get -something close to- a 12 equal temperament octave scale.

This would be amazing since its a very straightforward / efficient way of creating modular and even infinite scales that are weaved with the whole of the project.

A while ago I asked a similar question and the closest answer was to use Infinite Melody from Nysthi but cant quite figure out how to use it in the way I’m asking.

Exited to see the new answers for this topic. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean. :thinking:

Do you think of something like this? Your LFO can be handled by noobhour Normaliser, or wiqid dual attenuverter easily.

Or even like this?

or maybe something like this could get you started:

you can try this selection:
_LFO_Scale_rsmus7_01.vcvs (14.9 KB)

and here is a patch to show it a bit:
2022_11_21_lfo_scale_rsmus7_01.vcv (7.2 KB)