How to make a modules invisible in the patch?

Do we have a module that can make a module or group of modules “invisible” in a patch? I thought there was a Stoermelder module that did this, but couldn’t find anything.

Stoermelder RF (RackFolding) from the packtau collection

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I couldn’t remember which module it was. Thanks a lot.

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That is really interesting. When MindMeld PatchMaster was released, I thought being able to hide modules would take it to another level of abstraction. Coming from the software development world, I am used to thinking in terms of layers of abstraction where you hide complexity inside a simpler interface. PatchMaster provides a simpler interface, but no hiding. People can keep all the complex innards off-screen, and scroll to see only the control layer on top. But it would be even cooler to toggle the visibility of the stuff under the hood, so to speak.


That was exactly my intention when I asked about the function. This time I have rebuilt a Subharmonicon with Slime Child Audio modules and wanted to see only the user interface and some other necessary modules, but not the whole patch. The Stoermelder module does here what it should, thas’s great. More worse is that the patch master modules lose their mapping information when you insert them into another patch. Unfortunately, this limits the possible uses very much. I hope for an update from MindMeld in the future.

From the PatchMaster documentation

Preserving mappings in saved selections

In order to preserve mappings in saved selections, they should be recalled using Stoermelder’s S++ module. Mappings are also preserved when using Stoermelder’s Strip module.

I believe S++ has been renamed Strip++


If one reads a manual from time to time, this has some advantage. And I never noticed the S++ module before, what a shame. This works fine and you can integrate PatchMaster equipped patches into existing patches. Thank you so much for this information.

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I hope someone can do a write up on how strip works some day.

What a great module. I do wish that it had a direction control so you could hide modules either to the left, right or both. I think this would make it far more useful.