How to load a .vcvss file?

How do you load this up? I downloaded patches with this extension and I can’t seem to load them.

PackOne Strip: .vcv file ss = stoermelder strip

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sorry still don’t know how to open this. Im new here. Thank you

Load up Strip. Right click on it and click Load, then navigate to the file and open it.

Having same problem here, downloaded vcvs files (Bulcha 303 - Omri_Cohen ). I do have Stoermelder added in Library (I think from VCV 1) but can’t find Stoermelder in VCV 2.

Not in the library yet. You can get it from here:

That’s confusing, I know, but a VCVS-File is a “VCV Selection”. You can load that up from within VCV. File → Import Selection.

VCVSS is the format for Stoermelder Strip.

Thank you, it worked. Never used Github before, all my attention goes to VCV at the moment :grin: (Edit : Github worked fine thanks to the VCV 2 manual VCV Manual - Installing & Running)

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