How to keyboard control knobs? -knumb fingers knoob

2 knoob questions. Links to the answers are fine or please splain.

What is the way to rotate the pots/knobs which is more effective and less repetitive strain than click-hold-drag with the mouse? (Is there something similar for sliders?)

Are power users doing a fast midi computer keyboard setup to make it easier to rotate the pots/knobs?

-knumb fingers knoob

Lots of people just use the mouse. Many people do use the knobs on a midi controller, but more for real-time “playing” than for patch editing. The MIDI-MAP module that comes with VCV makes this very easy.

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Yeah just learning to patch edit. I didn’t realize till just now you you don’t twist the knob with the mouse. The mouse goes straight up and down to raise and lower pot setting. And, holding down the command key(on apple keyboard) gives you fine control. Is there anything else default keyboard control for knobs?

I would use arrow up and down (or something like that) instead of mouse for the raising and lowering a knob setting if midi could be used for that.

-knumb fingers knoob

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Holding CMD / CTRL SHIFT will give you finest control.

You can key in values by right clicking a knob.

I’ve also been kind of surprised there isn’t any way to navigate and manipulate the GUI widgets from the keyboard. (Entirely without using the mouse.) I guess that isn’t possible because VCV Rack doesn’t currently have a system for keeping track of a focused GUI widget?

For the extra-fine tuning (more fine than holding command), holding SHIFT COMMAND while clicking and dragging the mouse is what works on my apple keyboard. Keying in the values by right -clicking and resetting the knob values by double-clicking is what I am looking for.

Maybe I missed something but, I did not see this basic operation information in the VCV Rack manual or the [VCV Rack - How It Works ] - A graphically enhanced manual, by Edgar Rothermich.

Is there more? Where is this kind of info on basic operation compiled? Is it in some module programmer documentation?

There is, or course, an SDK for making modules.