How to have one LFO slow down as another speeds up?

Hi guys. Newbie here. I’m trying to create a repetitive sort of bell sound with the purpose of using the LFO frequency to increase and decrease the frequency of which the bell is sounded.

I want to have it so that the release on the ADSR is modulated based on how fast the base LFO frequency is - the faster the LFO is set, the shorter the release, and vice-versa.

I was thinking of using a different LFO which somehow is set to increase in frequency whenever the base LFO’s frequency is decreased, and vice-versa, then using the new LFO as a CV input for the ADSR release. I can’t seem to figure out how to get this sort of inverse-frequency going on a new LFO based on the original one. Any help?

audible instruments Utilities , have an inverted output also hora and erica have some lfos useful for it

befaco Dual Atenuverter can invert a value simply tweaking the white knob to the left

edited , I wrote this thinking in invert a amplitude value but now I realize you wrote inverted frequency ( you can use a saw and a inverted saw as FM value to drive the frequency of both lfo

cv map cv pam and the dual ateueverter work perfectly

inverted_lfo.vcv (5.3 KB) :point_left:

Using an inverted saw for the CV input into the ADSR release was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks :slight_smile:

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