How to get correct plugins with patches

I love being able to learn by loading other peoples patches and I understand that patches have modules they depend on. But how do I easily get all the corrects plugins to run a patch? Do I need to write them all down when I get the error message "Could not find module “X” of plugin “Y” and then go searching for them? Yes, I am a total VCV newbie, but I did build my own PAiA synthesizers in the 1980s and have programmed real time shit since then.


A lot of people just subscribe to every free plugin. There are obvious downsides, but that’s what they do. Problem solved. btw, I built the Paia computer keyboard (model 4700?) in 1979. Used that a lot!

Thanks for the tip, but was hoping to be a better way out there. Cool beans. I still have my crappy soldered PAiA equipment and keyboard. just can’t seem to toss it after 40 years. They still have a web site ! holy crap, who buys this stuff???

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could be nice have a option to download the missing modules in the V2 or V3, access to the library directly from the rack


You could open the .vcv file in a text editor and search for them.

I’m surprised nobody has yet made public an tool/application that would do that without a fuss.

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If you are on Mac/Linux/Unix or have a Unix/Posix like environment on your Windows machine (WSL, MSYS, Cygwin, Git for Windows, etc.) you can just run:

grep -F "plugin" patch-file.vcv | sort -u

in a terminal and voila, there’s your unique list of plugins used in the patch.

If you don’t have such an environment on Windows, you can run this in the Windows command prompt/Console:

find "plugin" patch-file.vcv | sort

You will get the same plugin more than once though. Finally, on Windows in Powershell you can run the following:

type patch-file.vcv | Select-String "plugin" | sort -unique

which will give you the exact same output as the unix line above.

Otherwise, if you’re afraid of the console/terminal on Windows open Notepad and search for “plugin” :slight_smile:


Yes, but it seems like the missing part is the most important. once you have a list, how do you download all those modules?

Well, I guess the issue is - how do you subscribe to all those plugins? I think the regular way, manually in the library, is the simplest and the best. It’s fairly quick on the plugins page in the library.

Thank you all for the suggestions. Its easy to get a list of missing plug-ins. No grep necessary as VCVRack displays them on the screen when loading a patch. Its more difficult to find them each individually. Currently I take a screen shot of the error message listing the missings plugins, then go search for them. Sometimes the name tells me what I need to know, other times its a total guess. I was thinking it would be great to have VCVrack locate, download, and install the missing plugins. Is VCVRack open source? Perhaps I can work on that in my spare time.