How to generate a trigger on note off ?

Hello !

I’m struggling to find a way to generate a trigger on note off signal from an external keyboard. I know how to generate a trig on note on but I would like to find a way to king of filter the gate from MIDI-CV to have note on generating a trig (easy) and note off generating another trig independent of the note on trig.

The purpose is to start playback of NYSTHI MusicalBox with note on and pause it with note off.

you can use the “NOT” logic on this:

You could use the Slope Detector, which will give you trigger at the start and end of a gate.

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G2T (Gate to Trigger Converter) will convert a gate into several triggers.


Thanks,it also does the job but, same thing, the slope detector is more logical fir me, just wire the gate output of the MIDI CV to the input of the module and I have my two output. But also intersting module for other purposes.

Thanks ! It does the job.

Thanks, it works but it is easier with the slope detector. But this is a very interesting module I need to investigate !

Very interesting module, but something strange happens. If I connect it directly to the stop/pause of MUSICALBOX it works but if I connect it to a NYTSHI Gate Trig Merger it doesn’t work even if I can see the flash lite on the input of the merger and I don’t have the issue with the slope detector.