How to format OSC messages when sending to vcv rack cvOSCcv module by trowasoft

ello, I’m trying to send an OSC message to the cvOSCcv module from a microcontroller over the same wifi network. The connection seems to be working fine with MaxMSP udpreceive, I’m able to send float messages to it. But with vcv rack 2 I’m not sure how to get the cvOSCcv module to pick it up. I tried setting the IP to and also tried the IPv4 of my machine, the message is formatted “/ch/1” " value" value being 0. to 1.

I am realising the IP address may only be relevant for outgoing messages from VCV rack, for incoming I would assume it is not used, or should stay at the default so my issue is maybe related to message syntax, but I don’t know, I couldn’t tell from the documentation in the manual.

For further debugging, I tried sending OSC internally (on same machine) from max msp to vcv rack 2 cvOSCcv module, targeting with In Port 7375: sending value 0.5, the message is formatted “/ch/1 0.5” cvOSCcv received a trigger message, but VAL stays at 0

I then tried sending OSC from cvOSCcv to max msp, the message is received and formatted the same, “/ch/1 0.5” So it seems that when formatting my message in the same way, only a trigger is received, and I’m not sure why nothing is received when trying to send osc from a device on same network.

Have you contacted trowaSoft so far?

try sending /ch/1 ,f 0.5

the type tag string, “f” preceded by a comma, indicates that a float is following.

somehow, the max patch must be filtering out the type tag ?

If you use wireshark or another tcp dump/sniffer utility, you can see what cvOSCcv sends.

Here the specs. for OSC v1.0

wireshark capture of a message from trowasoft cvOSCcv

@Omri_Cohen shows here how he does it with touchdesigner, it might help

Thank you for the help everyone, I figured out it was an issue on my end with how I was packing the message in max msp, the formatting “/ch/1 0.5” is right and the original issue was that I was sending it the wrong way trying to pack it into a message. I ended up using a prepend node and the signal comes through perfectly now. Now I will move on to trying to figure out whats up in my code with the microcontroller over wifi.

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I will email trowasoft as I have exhausted my approaches. I formatted my osc message exactly as I had in max msp, but cvOSCcv isn’t picking anything up. I even tried formatting it as char *, max msp still picked it up, but nothing in vcv rack. Maybe its related to the nature of the connection, I’ve only ever seen examples of people using cvOSCcv on a local machine, but it could just as easily be something related to the way my code is set up. I’m using VS code with platformIO (C++) to program my microcontroller (M5Stick C plus), the code is along the lines of:

#include <M5StickCPlus.h>
#include <WiFi.h>
#include <OSCMessage.h>
#include <WiFiUdp.h>

#include "M5StickWifi.h"

OSCMessage msg("/ch/1");
float temp = 0.5;
WiFiUDP udp;

void setup() {

  connectToWifi("****" , "****");

void loop() {

  char array[10];
  dtostrf(temp, 4 , 6, array);
  msg.add(array);	//can also ignore these 3 lines and write msg.add(temp) instead, I did this to check if it was string/char issue
  udp.beginPacket( "*.*.*.*", 7375); //* target machine ip running vcv rack

  M5.Lcd.printf("sentMessage %2.2f\n" , temp);


with this code I get perfect formatted message in max msp “/ch/1 0.5”

SOLVED – my firewall was blocking VCV rack… :expressionless:


Kudos for solving that. That must have been infuriating!

haha… yes… a lesson that will forever be engrained in my memory!

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