How to fade volume in and out in not even proportions.

I would like to fade in and out at x frequency/time, but to leave on mute at y frequency / time , precisely, and have it repeat of course.

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Sounds like a job for Shapemaster (like most jobs !). Obviously other options exists, it is modular after all, but I like the flexibility of Shapemaster to write complex LFOs / Envelopes / Automations. It also has integrated VCAs so explore that one, you have everything you need in it.



De nada ! Shapemaster es la onda, te sirve de LFO, Env, Oscilador, haste secuenciador, quantificador, etc etc… Es una maravilla ese modulo.


Hey Prana - you can view and edit the horizontal (time) position of any node in ShapeMaster by right-clicking on the node and entering the time in seconds. You can also right-click on the length knob to set the total cycle length precisely.

In this example I have a cycle length of 60 seconds. It fades in over the first 15 seconds, then stays high until 50 seconds where it mutes.


Thanks! It would also be good if I could put a specific time between repetitions. I want to do this because the Sine shape does not adjust to a specific time and , I’m doing a project / investigation specifically with sine waves. I try do do a sine-waves with just the nodes, but its just not as precise as I need.

There’s a sine wave shape built in (it may or may not be precise enough but it’s pretty close):

Shape Menu > MindMeld Shapes > Basic Shapes > Sine

You can then make the cycle length of the sine whatever you want.

For adding time between repetitions you would need ShapeMaster Pro ($30) which has End of Cycle - so you could then use 2 channels - one for the sine and one for the time between repetitions, and use the EoC of each channel to trigger the other.