How to emulate surge hard Sync with native WTVCO?


I’m trying to emulate the Modern VCO’s Hard Sync of Surge XT (which has internal master osc) with WTVCO native module and dedicated Sync Input.

Heres my attempt: hardsync.vcv (12.7 KB)

I believe change the WTLFO freq (which is Square) would emulate the internal/master osc of Modern VCO, the same way it results tweaking the Sync knob.

But the two results are waaaayyy different (it seems also pitch on wtvco change decreasing the lfo freq… which should be the opposite).

Maybe am I wrong the patch and how to wire it? Thanks for any tips you can give to me :slight_smile:

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No one can help me? At least if the way/path is correct and its just a matter of algo/oversampling.

It seems also the tone change drastically, which shouldn’t…

I think the first VCO should be 1 octave lower… but then again I don’t quite understand sync. I made a setup of a bunch of OSC like this

To test and they sound similar/different… :man_shrugging:

EDIT now with free knobs :

Synctest - 14092023.vcvs (20.6 KB)

PS in order to get the same sync range for Modern VCO you need to double the knobs output f.i. like this :

Did the Even VCO ever get sync support? I thought that was an open issue that @hemmer had expressed interest in helping resolve.

AFAIK he already implemented/fixed it in the beta

the one on the right and the one I used.

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Too cool, perhaps I should visit GitHub this evening, thanks!!!

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I guess you’ll get timbral differences depending on at which point in the waveform the sync resets you to. In fact I asked Befaco for details on this for EvenVCO (which I don’t own), but haven’t heard back yet.

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Could be but they all sounded quite same ish to me :sunglasses:

Thanks for all replies. Still can’t get the same (i.e. similar) result.

I take the @Yeager patch, clean the rest of the stuff (just comparing two osc, with saw, between Modern VCO and WT VCO), adding the “double the knob” tip: hardsync_2.vcv (7.8 KB)

But if I switch between the two using Triggered Switch, they sound waaay different :open_mouth:

Yes, but syncing the external VCO on WT VCO with the internal used on Modern VCO should reset at the same time, right? I always expect a different high-end noise due to oversampling/blip algos…

You are FM ing the wrong VCO !

Nope! FM should change the freq of the Master osc, not the Sync’d osc. Thats what the Modern VCO Sync does: change the freq (FM) of the internal (master) osc, not the pitch/freq of the sync’d one…

Please try it. And tell me why it sounds like the Modern VCO.

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Damn, you are right! Its the synced signal that will increase freq, not the external/master one. Thanks for the tip and helps.

Now: hardsync_2.vcv (8.2 KB)

Why I’m not able to sync the two signal on the scope? Every time I trigger a key, it would reset both Modern VCO and Master (of) WT VCO.

Instead, I can see the two signal not matching on Scope. Any idea?

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Could be this ?

Not really. I’m aware of this problem on VCO. If you notice on the patch, I’ve already offset the trigger signal (-5 to 5). Should be somethings other… :frowning:


This helps a little (retrigger with phase =0) Now they are constantly 180 or 90 (idk) degrees out of phase.

Used a phase shifter :wink:

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Awesome! Thanks dude!!! I’ll make some more test and in case, let you know :slight_smile:

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