How to download and import plugins?[Mac]

hi I’m a newbie. I’m having issues importing the plugins I installed from the vcv library on, and I don’t know how to import them into the app

You don’t need to import plugins from the library. When VCV Rack starts it checks the library, then puts a red dot on the Library menu. You then select the Update All menu option and the plugins are downloaded. Then when you restart Rack the plugins will be available.

it doesn’t make me do it. I don’t really know how to basic here. I downloaded the plugins from the GitHub page the site redirects you to, and then downloaded and opened the .zip from GitHub. what did I miss?

The usual way to get plugins is to go the plugins page and select the ones you want.

For these ones, where you clicked the button on the right, you don’t download anything yourself. VCV Rack then does the rest as described above.

If you want to get plugins outside of the library, that is when you do it manually. Download the zip, put it in the plugin folder, then when Rack starts it unzips and the plugins are available.

Have you read this?