How to do modules with a height of 2 rows in V1.0?

I have a module with a SVG file with a height of 2 rows. Worked in V0.6, but not in V1.0 anymore, it is only 1 row high, the bottom half is cut off. Looks like this also breaks the FullScope module, which was possible to resize in y direction in V0.6. How can I implement modules with a height greater than one row in V1.0?

Andrew said somewhere here in the Development section, that >1 row height modules is not supported in Rack v1.

Ok, might be a good decision for the initial size of modules, and I think I could reduce the size of my module. But people really liked the feature that you can drag the size of the FullScope to any vertical size for a high resolution waveform display, without the need to zoom-in, so that you can still see your other modules in a normal size.

Multiple-row modules were never supported, but a number of features added in Rack v1 cause them to produce bugs, so assertions were added to make Rack crash when a module is added with a height different from 1 row.

  • Force-move gesture
  • Module Browser images
  • Module screenshots with -p <zoom>
  • Future VCV Library web app that displays screenshots and thumbnails