How to delay/offset a sequencer's clock reset?

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In the midst of making something I found some groovy patterns between two different sequencers using different clock divisions. However while I was patching it, I must have forgotten to hit reset to sync things up and now the two sequencers are 11 16th notes off (starting on the Ah of 3). However I love the way it sounds, and want to sync it up this way for future performances/recording using clock reset.

Is there some way I can put a 11 pulse delay on a reset trigger so it starts this way every time? I know some sequences let you shift notes over, but DivSeq by JW doesn’t, and also it is a strange sequence because it is being clocked by an 8th note clock, but is starting on the Ah of 3 (16th note grid)

my Phase Patterns is a clock delay. It’s still in test, thought.

I think this should do it - maybe you have to adjust with a sample delay, if you need a sample-precise trigger.

reset-delay.vcvs (3.2 KB)

LFO is the clock.
LU BTN is a reset trigger
the blue wire from LM module is the 14th count after the reset.

(The screenshot is not accurate, i had scope running for a while after pushing the button. )


Yeah that’ll do it, thanks!

you may have to subtract 1 or 2 from the count (Length) to get reset on 14.

i often do something very similar with this

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There’s also: