How to cross-fade between bell curves?

I’d like to build a cross-fader with a selector/rotator to determine the “fade” position between all of the channels. The outputs would just be 0-10v voltage that I could use to modulate other stuff. Each output would correspond to a different configurably sized/positioned bell curve (similarish to a freq/Q knob on an EQ?).

So basically this:

I guess the starting point is to figure out how to generate a single bell curve function with variable position/Q? Are there any plugins that do something like that?

A segment of a cosine function is pretty common.

Here’s my non-mathematician take on it:

Replace the LFO with your rotator, Scope is plugged into CV(MAX)-OUT. Your CV1= XOUT line 1, CV2=XOUT line 2, CV3=XOUT line 3. A and B on the fader blocks adjusts the midpoint and magnitude of the 3 “humps”.

Stoermelder strip: 3humps.vcvss (13.9 KB)

Check out MindMeld EQMaster (Open Source)

A second try. Perhaps is more what you’re looking for:

3humps_v2.vcvss (14.4 KB)

If this works you could set up a different curve for each of 3 channels in the mixer and fade between them …

Here’s one with Frank Buss Formula

3humps-v3.vcvss (8.9 KB)

Here, I have added the third slider to adjust the shape of the curves.

Stoermelder Strip file 3humps-v4.vcvss (9.4 KB)

You can make the curves even sharper by changing the formulas to


Very cool :slight_smile: