how to create minimal glitch / microhouse?

So I just got into VCV rack recently, and was wondering if there are any good plugins or (preferably) tutorials on how to make some really minimal glitchy microhouse music. I linked an example of what I’m going for. If anyone has any tips or tutorials I could follow that would be great!


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Never heard of ‘microhouse’ as a genre, but to me that sounds like mainly sample loop based stuff. Have a look at Sickozell sampler and Nysthi Simpliciter (great for glitchy stuff but may be unstable at the moment - check the forum for the updated plugin, I think it’s being worked on again but not in the library yet).

Also, I would buy the Host-FX module, and then use free glitchy VST delays like Fracture/Hysteresis (, and try randomly modulating plugins with VCV modules (sample and hold is particularly good for random, glitchy sounds). If you want to keep things free VCV modules, Chronoblob and Prince of Perception are excellent for this.

Bit crush/sample rate reduction with modulation is another good source, a favourite of mine is the VoxGlitch Satanaut module.

Alternatively, just google “free microhouse loop pack” and arrange it in Ableton like everyone else. :wink:

Here’s a build of a pretty cool FX chain for broken beats:

another idea (that I’m experimenting with) is to not have all rhythmic elements in the same bpm grid. Like clock stuff with LFOs, which are slightly different from each other, but receive the same reset every 4 or 8 beats.

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