How to control right-click menu options with CV?


Are there any modules that allow you to automate or map to options hidden in right-click menus? (patchmaster and stoermelder’s umap didn’t work)


I have a patch where I am running 4 Prince of Perception delays at once. In this scenario when you play a wrong note and want to start over, it’s helpful to be able to clear the buffer. This setting is buried in a menu accessible only when you right-click the module. Since there are 4 modules, it’s annoying to go in and right-click on each one in order to do this. I would love to be able to hit one button to be able to clear the buffer on all 4 at once.

I tried using Patchmaster and Stoermelder’s uMap module to be able to control the clear buffer option, however those modules only work on settings available on the face of the module.

Workaround for this particular instance

I got some great advice on Reddit that mapping the delay time on all 4 delays with Patchmaster and just setting the delay time to 0 can achieve what I’m after to clear the buffer quickly on all 4 at once.

Future use cases

I would still love in other instances to be able to control some right-click menu options on other modules with CV. There are many settings on popular modules that are buried in right-click menu’s I could see being useful to control with CV. Some things that come to mind at the top of my head:

  • Control the root note on PathSet’s Grid module (or any sequncer with these kinds of options buried in the menus)
  • Setting up a group of modules to be able to be bypassed with one button click. This would be great during a performance to be able to have one patch file open and then you could turn on and off sections as needed so you don’t bog down your laptops performance with modules you are not even using on that particular song
  • Randomize multiple modules at once
  • Quickly switch scales on multiple sequencers at once


Do you know of techniques or modules that would allow me to control with CV options found only in a right-click menu of a module? Are there other use cases that would make something like this exciting?

No. You could use Stoermelder 8face to switch between different module settings, including those in the context menu but this doesn’t give the direct control you desire. If you have a valid general use case you could approach the module developer and ask for things included in the context menu to be exposed via an expander.

A module where you need to menu dive to change the key? Most of your use cases are pretty compelling. This one seems like a defect in the panel design of a particular sequencer. Ask them to put it somewhere more accessible perhaps?

8face is an interesting idea, I didn’t know it worked on the buried menus.

I agree, but with how many different modules there are in VCV, relying on developers to put every feature where you want it is not always going to work, and I would love to be able to have my work arounds. I love that way that uMap solves problems where developers have not added a CV input option to particular controls on the face of their modules and just want something like that for the buried menu options too.

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The amazing DocB built a module that will expose the presets of the adjacent module. And make them CV selectable!

For me this seems to be at least a step in the direction of a general module that will show (a number of) right click menu settings of any module and make those CV controllable. Biggest challenge would be that there’s a multitude of different controls (On/Off Checkboxes, Submenus, Sliders, etc.) being used throughout the library.

As for pathSet specifically. I know he‘s generally very responsive to feedback through our collaboration on the ChordVault module. So I‘d suggest you can reach out to him about a buffer clear button or expander.


Nice, that’s awesome!