?How to connect VCV with a MIDI score editor, and which one to use?

Oomp, here he is! Hi all…

So, this is my question: After pressing some keys on my notebook and listening to some pretty amazing sounds with just a few of your gorgeous plug-ins, how to continue?

I’d love to compose tracks, but, you know, point-n-click. Like downloading a neat (and pretty please free) score editor/annotator, configuring it and the VCV, then putting some notes in the score, pressing play, and having a good time…?

For getting acq’ed with VCV, I used the RCM Piano Roll so far, but this is merely a crutch.

Have a fine weekend, everyone!

PS: Windows 10/11, svp =)

I’m sure you will get some answers here on how to hook up the VST version of VCV so that you can use it like a “normal” VI. That seems to be what you want to do.

In the meantime, this is a much more capable crutch: SquinkyVCV-main/seq.png at master · kockie69/SquinkyVCV-main · GitHub

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I have used MuseScore on Windows. It’s been a while though. Of course that is a standalone application and you may be wanting an DAW integrated score editor/player.

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Try Cakewalk by bandlab. It’s free. And a great DAW and score editor. But you’ll need VCV pro to run it as a plugin.

I should clarify. i mentioned MuseScore as I thought you were looking for a traditional music notation score editor. If not, then please ignore.

Musescore is great. I still enjoy writing music more traditionally on a score than on a piano roll. Old habits die hard.

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So if I am getting you right so far, there is no no-pay way to connect VCV to a MIDI score editor?

@k-chaffin: MuseScore is of course an extraordinary piece of software. But as far as i read you, there is no way to (mentrion the free-of-cost thing) to connect it to VCV?

You should be able to setup MuseScore to output MIDI notes and then use MIDI-CV module in VCV Rack standalone to receive the notes. I say “should” as it isn’t working for me at the moment, but that is almost always the case with MIDI until you find the Goldilocks configuration.

I feel like some of these responses are a little vague. The paid version of VCV, as a VST plugin, can be integrated with most scoring programs. The free version of VCV would be much harder to integrate. It may be possible, I just don’t personally know how.

Regarding “vague”, Squinky… Don’t want to sound rude but sth like “It may be possible but…” Not vague at all?

um, that’s not vague at all. It’s saying that I don’t know that answer to that, which is 100% true and as specific I (or anyone speaking for me) can be about that. My intention was to crispy convey what I do know, which is that it’s easy with the paid version. And also to avoid the impression of talking about stuff I don’t know about.

To be clear and not vague, I just now tested using my 30+ year old Meander application to send MIDI to VCV Rack Standalone. I haven’t got MuseScore to work, so that “should” be possible.

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If you just want to bring midi from another software on the same PC into VCV there is this little tool called LoopMidi, which works with VCV. loopMIDI | Tobias Erichsen

You really only need VCV Pro if you want to run it inside a DAW as a VST (or if you want to support this awesome piece of software).


Yes, I always have loopMIDI running on my Windows system. My old Meander app just sends to MIDI port numbers, but loopMIDI is being used as I am receiving the MIDI stream in Rack on loopMIDI port 3 which is what I am sending out to from the old Meander.

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Wait what? :exploding_head: Well there is the answer.


I got MuseScore 3 to send MIDI over loopMIDI port 3 to VCV Rack Standalone and used MIDI-CV to receive the MIDI from loopMIDI port 3. So, I am promoting my statement from “should work” to “does work” :wink:


It takes a village :grinning:

It even works with Squinky modules. I have MuseScore 3 playing Bach’s “Fugue in G minor”, sending to VCV Rack Standalone and playing an Organ Three. I even set up Meander to accompany it on another 3 Organ Three’s in G minor.

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Yes, nice. I have to confess I had forgotten about Loop MIDI. I think I last used it like 30 years ago. Worked great then!