How to clip audio in VCV Rack

Greetings, All. I’m just cutting my teeth on VCV Rack so please forgive my obvious ignorance.

I’m bringing in external audio and trying to convert it into a square wave using clipping. Easy to do in real analog electronics, but I’ve tried four different modules for clipping and can’t make any change at all to the signal (as seen on the scope). I’ve tried BogAudio CLPR, aridacity Clip Limiter, Strum’s MentalClip and Grande Clip. I can’t imagine that they’re all malfunctioning so I’m sure I’m just doing something wrong. Got any tips for a newbie?

without the scope trace, it’s difficult to understand what your problem is.

I can do a screen cap of the scope, but all it shows is a sine(ish) wave from the input, with no change visible from the clipping. I would expect the tops and bottoms to be flat, but I can’t make that happen.

Perhaps most helpful would be for someone experienced to explain how they would go about the task. If you had a microphone plugged into your Behringer UMC404HD and the Audio 8 module set to that interface, and the output of that module routed through the BogAudio MIX8 into the scope, what would you do to clip it harshly to create a square wave?

In the meantime, I’ll get a capture of my setup and the signal - it’s on a different machine so that will have to be tomorrow.

Ah, it’s working now. I pulled out the MIX8 and fiddled with the gains and found a setting that clips. Now on to my next mystery…

My ancient “Shaper” module clips just fine. and a whole lot more:

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