How to add libraries to VCV Rack ARM64 Mac version?


I have installed the ARM64 version of VCV Rack (because thats the one that worked for plugin development). However, I cannot install libraries to it… Even if i have subscribed to libraries on thewebsite, the library manager says “Quering updates” → “up to date”.

Does that mean that I need to install these manually? Therefore I would need access to 64bit versions of the libraries which i dont know where to find.

Thanks in advance,

There are no ARM64 plugins in the library so it can’t fetch any. There’s only Intel plugins in the library. The Rack ARM build is a “developer preview” for the purpose of letting developers build their plugins in ARM64 and see if they work and get ready for an eventual release of Rack for apple silicon with all the plugins working in that.

In the meantime, all Rack users should use the regular Intel/X64 version which works more than just fine on all platforms.


@LarsBjerregaard : correct answer