How to add (and delete) modules to a patch

I just can not creat module with right click in empty space in rack?


for not English speakers, some command could not work if you are using other language keyboard , in my case (on Linux), if I M using Spanish keyboard the zoom stop work until I m back to English (need vcv restart ), take care of that

a right click should open the module browser. Then you can click on a module and hold the mouse button and drag the module where you want it. Or you double click it and it will be inserted.

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Wow. I’ve been using rack for six months or so, and I did not realize you could do that! I’ve just been putting up with random initial placement the whole time…

Just wait until you find out that you can delete lots of modules at once by holding down the Backspace key and waving the mouse around. :smile:


You can … delete modules???


@David, do you know if that issue has already been reported?

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Same for me. I thought it was random for a long time.