How to add a developer's collection?

How do I add a developer’s entire collection to my library?

For example, Sickozell has 53 modules (as far as I can tell). Do I need to click “add” for each individual module or can I add their entire collection to my library?

  • Click on one of the modules shown in
  • Click on the link next to “Plugin:” (toward the bottom of the information, just before the “Browse all modules”)
  • Click on the Subscribe button (top right)

Next time Rack checks for updates it will find the newly added plugin and be ready for download. Select Update from the Rack menu, then Rack will download the plugin and need to be restarted.


The ui is horrible. It’s not you.

ahhh thank you, I see an “add all” button following those steps.

Does subscribe mean that any new future modules will be downloaded as well?

Adding only gives you access to the current modules. Subscribing gives you all the modules that are in the plugin plus any new ones.


got it, thanks for the help