How should plugin updates be announced?

I realized that sending notices of plugins being “pushed to Github” results in confusion. Telling users that an update is pending approval feels like throwing the volunteers on the plugin team under the bus, and I don’t want to continue being disrespectful for that. So I would like to ask the forum how they prefer a plugin developer address updates with users here.

When a fix or new features are made a developer should:

  • Announce the new feature as upcoming.
  • Announce new features when they are sent for review.
  • Announce new features when their release is approved.

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I usually don’t announce things until they are available in the plugin manager, fwiw.


That’s what I would prefer as well, although it can be fun with the odd teaser-video saying “I’m working on something new and cool, and here’s what it sounds like right now”, with the understanding that it might change.

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Not sure how it is throwing the plugin team under the bus. If there is problems found with a plugin or update the only one under the bus is the dev for not spotting it. If it’s features added to an update or if it’s a new plugin being added I think it would be best to announce when it is set in stone by the dev, meaning he/she has a working module that is ready for release. No point making an announcement if you can’t deliver.

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It’s common for ex. Amazon to tell you the reason something you ordered hasn’t arrived yet is because USPS is still carrying it to its destination. The package might get lost or delayed or sucked in to some void by customs.

This same behavior sometimes applies to digital markets that work on walled garden models. There is a tradeoff to be made whether you communicate “it’s coming when its coming” (unsatisfying to users) “it’s done but we’re waiting on Apple” (probably true, although some will then brigade you for “making up excuses” and “not owning your problems”.) Some might say absolutely nothing other than a couple of “working on it” type toot/tweets and wait for the package to arrive at the figurative doorstops before saying anything.

If I recall they all use six sigma. If you’re 99.99966% sure there is no issues with work done you’re only wrong 0.00034% of the time.

Sounds more like a “when to release” answer than “how to release.” An interesting topic in its own right.

The poll is now closed :tada: