How does they keyboard input work in onKey()?

The docs say it’s physical keys, rather than reflecting they layout. so if I press key key next to the tab key that English speakers know as the “A” key, I expect to get GLFW_KEY_A. But If I press that key on a French keyboard, will I get GLFW_KEY_A or GLFW_KEY_Q?

Pressing the top-left key should make e.key give GLFW_KEY_A on French/AZERTY keyboards. It is based on what your operating system thinks the label on the key is. In Rack v1, e.scancode is also available, which would give GLFW_KEY_Q regardless of the keyboard, based on the position of the key on a QWERTY keyboard.

Oh, great, thanks! Just to be sure I get it, that means if I want a keyboard shortcut to be “ctrl-a”, and I used e.key it will be they key that is labeled “A”, regardless of keyboard layout? That’s what I want.