How does polyphonic LFOs in VCV work?

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I have been playing around with polyphony today and wanted to add some modulation, using an LFO. I tried the Fundamental LFO and to me it does not look like it’s outputting a polyphonic signal:

The LFO is fed polyphonic triggers to the reset the lfo and the input is registered as polyphonic:

So to me it looks like the LFO’s input does register the polyphonic triggers, but the output still only outputs one signal, as shown in the first image.

First I thought that it might be a bug, but then I tried the BogAudio LFO, which is also polyphonic, but it behaves the same way. Then I realise that I’ve probably misunderstood how the polyphonic LFOs work, since several objects behaves the same way:

But for example if I take the ADSR envelope and feed it the same polyphonic triggers as I feed to the LFO, the ADSR does output a polyphonic signal:

I tried both Free and Pro version of VCV2, it’s the same in both versions.

I am probably misunderstanding how the polyphonic LFOs work, so if anyone can give me a hint on how to make these polyphonic LFO’s output a polyphonic signal, I’d highly appreciate it.

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For BOGAudio LFO you need to patch a polyphonic signal into the V/Oct. That will define the Polyphonic Channels. From the manual: Polyphony: polyphonic, with channels defined by the V/OCT input.

Maybe it is the same on the VCV LFO, I cannot test that at the moment, different PC…

Modules behave differently when it comes to polyphony. Some modules use a menu-option to set the input from where the module gets the polyphonic channels.


Yes that was it!

Thanks :slight_smile: