How do you search modules on the Plugin Manager?

How do you search for new modules? The search in the plugin manager doesn’t seem to search by key words. For instance, searching “sample and hold” yields no results and most of the displayed names divulge nothing about the modules functions. Is there something I’m missing?

It wouldn’t as the search results only return words that you see on the plugin manager page e.g. “fun” will return “Fundamental” or “Modular Fungi”

After v1 is released searching will most likely work like that and return plugins/modules that have S&H in the pack.

The Plugin Manager website only classifies plugins, not their modules. In Rack v1, the plugin manifest contains module metadata, so a per-module website will be possible, perhaps later this year.

Please don’t spread your questions on multiple forums. It multiplies the work people have to do to answer your questions, which is already gratuitous enough.


Thank you for the clear explanations.

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For anyone wanting a more useful search in the module browser that includes module descriptions, please upvote this feature request on GitHub:

Andrew just replied that the request is already part of the roadmap and targeted for end of the year before closing the request. So no need for anyone to rush over to Github to upvote this.