"How do you rename your files?" (Draggonrabbit63 question)

I’ve only just started with VCV but I think I need to take some tips from this thread, I can’t really remember what a lot of these are.

Mine all have stupid names with the BPM and sometimes with the scale if i’m using the ScalaQuantizer but I mostly don’t bother saving

A good way to finish WIPs is to whip yourself while your folder is still full, every unfinished project is another lash!

A better way is to make some sort of schedule and stick to it, so you might focus on finishing things for 2 weeks per month or do it by the phases of the moon or whatever.


I guess another good question to pair with this one: Who uses notes in their patches, or at least the Submarine TD202 Vertical text?

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I just sort by date created if I want to do that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve been thinking recently that I could really use some sort of version control system - with branches and rollback and so on…
Wonder if I could turn my patches folder into a working git repo?

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I start with some base name: horse.vcv

And each time I want to save a new version, I “save as” with a new name that includes the old name as a prefix. For example: horse-spooky.vcv.

Then I keep going, adding a -<whatever> each time I save-as. If I want to go back and re-branch, I can load horse.vcv and save some new branch as horse-mellow.vcv.

This certainly pollutes my patches directory, but I try to only save the patch when I get something cool, and it lets me easily see how the patch evolved.

I’ve updated my naming system:

  • crap1.vcv
  • crap2.vcv
  • garbage1.vcv
  • garbage2.vcv
  • unbearable1.vcv
  • unbearable2.vcv
  • justgiveup.vcv

I make a directory “Name of current patch something” under patches for each patch I’m working on, and in that the patches are called #1, #2, etc… when the patch is done I name it, save it in the patches directory and delete the sub-directory with all the intermediate stages.

something like this


I usually don’t modify a patch that’s been done…maybe…48 hours earlier? then I would do a copy and work on that one…

for something more “playable” as a polysynth I don’t need to make more copies, it’s always evolving :yum:

real synthesists never rename :muscle:


I learned a long time ago to export audio of the project I was working on and use incremental save names blahblah_insertdate_001. No need to even open the project to hear what it is, after you have forgotten it that is!

There might be a mix / arrangement you did which could only be replicated through hearing the arrangement, it is very good practice to both increment a save and export an audio clip of it. A side effect of this is you will get much better with performing.

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something 01, noise 01, industrial 01, count up sequentially.

if it’s a branch/offshoot of some older patch than it’s something 01,1 something 01,2 something 01,2,1 etc

I just have Clocked set to 144 BPM by default on my template patch (no particular reason I just liked the number itself) so that part of the naming is never relevant for me lol

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That’s just gross :wink:

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for single files, hit right click over the file, menu, rename

for massive pyrenamer

is it?

If you are doing this for lots of files you only need to right click once then use TAB to go to the next file.

I know lol. I make industrial man, it’s SUPPOSED to sound like shit! :wink:


Mix it up a little, go up to 288 :slight_smile:

Without rhyme or reason whatsoever. I name patches the way you put random photographs and memorabilia in a shoebox. However, patches that I consider kind of finished entities get an aa_ prefix and patches in which, point of saving, I only explore stuff/tricks/modules, an x_