How do you get vibrato with Surge VCOs?

Man, these things are great!

To try and get vibrato I routed the VCV LFO output to the mod 1 input of the Surege Modern. The I clicked on the mod 1 button and pushed the pitch a tinny bit. But it is super duper sensitive. I got a decent effect with the pitch set to 0.003 Oct/V.

Is there an easy way to make the mod less sensitive?

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The pitch is a pretty coarse control as set up yeah. Obviously scaling down lfo etc

But when I want to warble pitch I usually use a mixer to add the motion to the voct input

In the vst the pitch control has a natural range of 7 semitones but extends out to 96. In rack we had the knob use the larger range since voct is there but you are right with modulation it would be nice to have the pitch knob have a not-extended mode. I’ll add this as a gh issue


that sounds cool. I don’t remember the range I had in my old modules, but I always used an “audio taper” on the attenuverters for the modulation, so that you could get really big ranges, but also really small. I assume you are using a linear taper? could be a different taper, or choice would make this easier…

I’ve never found this to be a problem, just right click on pitch with the mod button selected and enter a tiny value. As @baconpaul says, I normally do this for pitch mod:

Here I’m mixing together an LFO with some random voltage from Bogaudio Walk for some subtle pitch drift, and these both go into a Bogaudio Offset module with the scale set to a similar tiny amount (0.0025). That’s then mixed with the output from MIDI-CV and goes straight into the V/Oct input on the Surge VCO. Seems a lot of modules just for vibrato, but I don’t care about that. I think it makes a big difference!

That’s cool but the surge oscillators also have built in pitch drift LFOs which you can set via the right mouse menu. May save you a few of those randoms?

yes, I did that too, as I had to. But I do normally used the knobs for this, and I’m probably not the only one. Would be nice to have to option for them to be usable, too. It’s tricky the get a decent vibrato using just numbers. Can take a lot of trial and error.

Ah thanks @baconpaul I forgot about that! I have used the Surge pitch drift, but I usually stack a few VCOs together, so it’s still worth patching this up to send to modules that don’t have that feature.

If it’s interesting, the unison module allows you to implement unison and drift with any VCO you want. But we don’t have an output of raw drift vco. That would be a nice to have for a future version.