How do you break into gdb while rack is running?

Teh inerwebs say ctrl-c will do it, but when I type ctlr-c it kills gdb and rack completely. I’m on windows running in MSYS2.

Ctrl-Z works for me on Linux to send SIGTSTP to gdb. I don’t remember if it works for the MSYS2 shell.

No, that also kills the whole process (for me). But thanks for the tip.

Press F12 with Rack focused.

hey, that works! now, once I’m in there how do I see where all the threads are, esp the ui thread? bt just shows trap from the f12 key.

Thanks for the tip!!

Debugging programs with multiple threads

short answer, info threads and then thread <id>

ooh - very cool! How do you know which thread is the UI thread?

Andrew’s naming convention is pretty clear, shouldn’t be too hard to determine from the method and filename. usually.