How do I position a new module in Rack?

When I right click or enter to insert a new module into Rack, it appears to be randomly positioned, it is nearly always positioned off my screen so I have to scroll around the non-visible parts of Rack to even find it. I would assume a new module would be added at the position of my last cursor press if that spot was empty and it is big enough, but that is not the case.

Is there some way to position a new module at the point the cursor is positioned, if that spot was empty and it is big enough? Or some other known place?

Are there rules or a process for positioning a new added module? If so, what are they?

If you keep hold of left mouse down when adding a module you can drag it to a spot (drag + ctrl), pressing ctrl once (when your mouse in a position you want the module to be in) will nudge it to the mouse position. Same applies if the module is in the Rack also, dragging and pressing ctrl will nudge other modules out of the way. Not to be confused with ctrl + drag which will move multiple modules left/right.


That really helps! I use a laptop with a touch panel, so I always just tapped the touch panel when I was positioned over the module in the selection window, I had NEVER pressed & held! Such a tiny change makes a world of difference, I was spending an annoying percentage of my time in Rack scrolling around trying to find new modules!