How do I make a dub siren?

Or maybe just upload a screenshot?

With Vult Vultari and an LFO you should get a pretty authentic Dub Siren Punk Console. :wink:


here is a try on the siren sound, you can modulate it synced to bpm or free via the manual trigger for the sequential switch and scale the pitch modulation, fx are maybe not needed.

just as a starting idea

here is the patch: 2020_09_26_rsmus7_dub_siren_01.vcv (30.6 KB)


Finally! A suggested patch! It’s really my first modular project (if you know what a dub siren is, that should be obvious), other than, you know, using my knowledge of analog synths and music theory and logic to make some effect-heavy weird noises with house drums and often fail elegantly.
Cheers to anyone who’s helped me sort this.

Although I’m pretty certain some modules are intentionally complex—spiral sequencers? Maybe more fashion than function, and the aesthetic is cool, but Markov/monte carlo based triggers? F@#$ing math??? I was high in those classes. It’s why I’m a professional musician. Well, and chess coach.

Exactly, exactly. If you know what a dub siren is, you will know this is one of my first projects.

you are welcome, and may use the patch as a starting point -

maybe you change the oscillatorts or the modulatotors or the fx or …

just do what you like and maybe you might post something of the music you do with it.

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This patch is great (and not only because I found out about that Mb plug in), but honestly a bit more complicated than a Dub Siren or Rasta Box. From what I understand, you can build one pretty easily around a couple 555 chips. I mean, your siren has harmony, fer chrisake! It did however give me a bunch of ideas on patches to try, which is awesome.

Thanks again, Josh

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Yup, or a 556, plenty of schematics available on the net. First thing I did when I discovered VCV was make a dub siren & 90% of what I do now is live looped improv dub.

Got any links mate?

To what? My racket? Don’t yet consider it good enough for release, but getting there.

Siren schematics? Just google.

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you’re right the patch is much more complicated as necessary.

I did a new one with the vultari punk console module, this does the job too, but is much simpler;

2020_09_26_rsmus7_dub_siren_04.vcv (5.9 KB)


HERE we go. That’s what I’m on about. Now I can lose sleep sussing out a reset for the LFO and how to emulate tape delay(which should be a whole other unit but whatevs) . You really hit the nail on the head with this one, mate. Ha, last time, when I opened up the file and saw a mixer(?!?!?) I remember thinking “uh oh.”

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for a bit of tape delay you can try the -> Nysthi NYECHOecoeco or Jira Jira Echo modules

and you can try this stoermelder Strip preset:

tape distortion.vcvss (4.6 KB)

I’ve found that Lindenberg’s “Sangster” module has a very authentic sound to it, but I will certainly check this out. Once again, cheers for all the help, mate.

And while you’re at it

Could someone PLEASE help me get Stoermelder Mb running(on PC)??!?!?!? I downloaded packtau, put it in my rack file both extracted and unextracted, but I just can’t suss it out, even after looking up online how to get it into your library. Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again N

is VCVSS a file for mac or something? My computer won’t recognize it. I even forced VCV to open it and I get a blank rack.

.vcvss files are for the stoermelder Strip module. Right click on the module and then open the .vcvss file.

Please join an existing discussion about that module (EDIT: for example this one) or open a new topic about it in the Plugins category.

Flexible Dub Siren Patch with 4 Sirens patched and switchable. Easy to make your own siren, fully labelled.

Developed from an patch by @synthikat here;