How do I install beta modules in 1.1.6, win 10

Hello all, I am sorry if this has been asked before… I tried to search for it, but could not find it. I installed vcv rack in default location. I want to test out some beta modules, but have no idea how to install them, please help. Thank you, k

hello copy the folder in the plugins-v1 folder and launch Rack that’s all

have fun

Copy the downloaded zip file to the plugins-v1 folder which can be found in the default location (documents/rack/plugins-v1).

Then allow VCV to unzip the package, simply by starting VCV Rack. Unzipping the file manually can sometimes create problems.

You will then find the plugin in the plugin browser, if it doesn’t appear immediately, restart VCV.

you can do the above mentioned only when you have the binaries, otherwise you have to build those first, building is explained in the manual and there is also a very good video on youtuve from Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (Vult)

I wish I wasn’t the only member here that posts links to manual entries that directly answer questions.

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I wish I knew what I should have searched for when looking… sometimes that is the main problem, at least for me. I did try searching for installing beta modules… thanks for the link.

Thanks for all for the help