How do I adjust room brightness with CV?

Just wondering if there’s module out there which can toggle/dim the Room Brightness in rack?


Thanks very much :slight_smile:

I figured I’m going to end up posting a lot of questions on this forum so I’ll keep them all in the same thread.

Is there a sequencer that will play through all its steps in a random order and then stop after one cycle? I’ve been trying Count Modula’s sequencers with the Random One-Shot function but it usually triggers a few steps twice.

I’m asking because I want to start my patch with a button and then have the individual voices start playing in a random order. I’ve brute forced this via Modula’s 8 Sequencer and lots of EnigmaCurry’s Latch feeding an envelope into the voice’s volume controls on the mixer. But I have to keep the sequencer running to make sure all the voices are triggered and it offends my mild OCD :laughing:

Can anyone suggest a more elegant solution?

Things that are truly random will often repeat the same thing. But I have seen arpeggiators that that will do a random shuffle and not repeat things, so there probably is something that will do it.

Hi Lewis_West, I thought I had seen a thing for this and just checked again. Stoermelder’s 8Face MkII has a pseudo random mode that does not repeat steps or presets. Of course it isn’t a full sequencer, you combine with other modules to get what you need.

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And several Stoermelder modules feature this type of movement in the right click, like transit.

As far as stopping after one cycle goes, a countdown module would serve to stop it. Something like ML Modules’ “Counter” or Count Modula’s “Countdown 3”.

Making sure no steps repeat is another issue.


Thanks for the help everyone, I eventually figured it out using a combination of a gate sequencer, Transit by Stoermelder and AS’ Kill Gate, similar to the Countdown 3.

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